Family Wellness

What is Family Wellness?


At Vitality Natural Health Care we provide primary family care to patients of all ages, from infants to the elderly. Our wellness care includes newborn visits, well child care, sports physicals, well women exams and adult preventative care including annual routine physicals. We provide care with a preventive and holistic approach. Standard lab tests (Sonora Quest and Lab Corp) are performed and comprehensive treatment plans are created to meet each patient’s needs. In addition to the standard lab tests, other lab panels provided at our Center include nutritional evaluations, body composition analysis, food allergy/intolerance panels, heavy metal testing, comprehensive stool analysis, hormone testing, adrenal profiles, environmental toxin panels, genetic profiles (liver, heart and immune system function) and iodine urine tests.

Dr. Judy Hinojosa-Sinks is a primary care physician who treats families addressing their physical, mental and emotional needs. All acute and chronic illnesses are treated at our Center. Treatment plans incorporate dietary changes, nutritional supplementation, homeopathic remedies, herbal medicine and when needed acupuncture and IV therapy. Dr. Hinojosa-Sinks is also trained in managing pharmaceutical prescriptions when appropriate. Proper referrals are made to other providers and imaging tests are ordered when needed. Education is an integral part of our family wellness program, thus we encourage our patients to become educated and involved in their own care. Our goal is to help you live a balanced life, help you prevent illness and support your body in functioning optimally while aging gracefully.