My First Visit- What to Expect?

Dr Judy Hinojosa-Sinks


For the initial consultation with Dr. Judy Hinojosa-Sinks, you should be prepared to have at least a 2 hour appointment to discuss your overall health. Past medical history, family history, current health concerns, health goal and any medications or supplementation that you might be currently taking will be discussed. A comprehensive physical exam will also be done during this appointment. In addition, Dr. Hinojosa-Sinks will discuss your lifestyle, stress management and nutrition in depth and will make recommendations best suited for you. She will also order laboratory testing needed to assess your current health status, which can be drawn at our office by using your insurance. Any other comprehensive testing panels will be ordered if needed such as food allergy panels, adrenal health panels, toxin load assessments, stool panels to name a few. Treatment recommendations, including nutritional supplements and homeopathic remedies, as well as dietary plans will be given at the end of the visit.