Why would I come to see Dr. Judy

Dr Judy Hinojosa-Sinks


There are many choices when it comes to choosing your health care provider for you and your family. Yet the choices are often limited when it comes to choosing a qualified, caring and committed practitioner that can successfully address your health care needs in a comprehensive and less invasive manner. Dr Judy has received excellent medical training focusing on the use of natural therapies to bring the person back to health. She is a bright and compassionate Doctor who has excelled throughout her life graduating at the top of her class. She has always gone the extra mile to receive further training in her field, focusing on continuously learning better ways to help her patients heal. She walks the healing journey with her patients and patients come to see her as a friend and guidance in their healing journey. We invite you to read our patient testimonials as they will tell their story of success. Dr Judy doesn't give up on your care, you will be her number one priority.